A solution which brings added value to all actors

Find out how Serpico can be used thereafter (hover on the icons to see who is concerned) :

Secure your existing revenues and get additional business with your clients

Because a number says more than a thousand words, do you know how many clients consider themselves delivery a good service to their customers ?

80 %

Based on the client side, how much does it account for ?

8 %

It is interesting to notice many firms get along with that. Do not belong to that group. If you want to take the most of your client views, there is no such way as onboarding them in the feedback and qualiy loop. Though it might be ackward at first, they will soon realize you are trustworthy by taking the 'risk' to ask for their judgment.

*Study made by Bain & Company, 'Closing The Delivery Gap', based on 362 firms

Ease your team management

Follow the employee performance can quickly become a headache, if :

  • - You have in your firm workers who are autonomous or work with different departments or clients
  • - Or more simply if your firm has numerous employees

Not even counting all the preparatory worktime to assess employees, this process can clearly be eased and optimized through a digital solution

Enable a swift control of your objectives

You certainly attribute and/or have been given objectives for the ongoing year. Serpico acts as a watchdog to look whether client or internal targets are met. Considering a project methodology approach, mainly Agile, it enables workers to set milestones on which measurable criteria can be assessed. It contributes in helping each individual to follow its roadmap given at the beginning of the year

This approach allows directors and managers to make decisions and assess the situation more quickly and efficiently at any time of the year without the need to consolidate or to take stock of the situation. Our platform allows a view by collaborator or by team in 1 click

Fact-based & positive feedback between employees is the key to employee engagement

By conducting what is commonly known as empowerment, made popular by the freedom-form company, you get serious chances to engage your workforce at a larger scale. However beware, depending on your expectations, not every method is satisfactory !

Our solution enables every project participant to assess his performance and the one of his peers on the project they are conducting together, in order to measure their strengths and determine their potential improvements.

Asking feedbacks, all the more when they are comparable and measurable, leads to a full employee engagement. This reduces the churn rate by avoiding that both frustration and indifference prevail over their implication